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Only One Person Will Walk Out Of The Graveyard Of Bodies............Will It Be You Or Will You Die?
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 Kenpachi Cruz

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11th Division Captain
11th Division Captain

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PostSubject: Kenpachi Cruz   Sun May 10, 2009 8:26 pm

*Id like to be the 11th captain please.*
Name: Jaden Cruz (goes by Kenpachi Cruz)

Gender: Male

Age: 345

Visual Age: 13

Race: Shinigami

Appearance: Image

Personality: He, unlike the many other before him, is not bloodthirsty. He is more of the Serious hard working guy. When a fight gets going he likes to drag it out saying that it only provides him with more of an excuse to work the day away. He at times can be enraged however as seen when he killed the old kenpachi in a matter of minutes. He is firecely loyal to the S.S He gets irritated by his Lt regularly and most beleive he choose to work in the wrong division.

Likes: Working, Getting things done, Fighting

Dislikes: Not training, Being awake

History: Jaden was once a normal kid trying to live in Kakura Town. He began having vicious and horrible dreams since he was twelve and he began to feel weird at school. He felt as if he would never be able to get these wicked thoughts out his head. One day he was riding the bus down to the Highschool when he noticed that a weird creature was stalking a girl named Pheonix. he began to follow the creature but to his shock it was the same creature that haunted his dream, he picked up a sharp stick and threw it at the beast but it fazed through. Jaden could not believe his eyes. The creature had roared and began to charge at him. To his surprise the beast stopped. It hand been smashed completely into the ground. Jaden had used his ablity to destroy the creature.

After years of training it Jaden got very very different. The ablity slowly ate away at his personality and had consumed him. Jaden became so hositile that many began to follow him. They formed a gang known as the east side kamis. This name was made based on the rumors that some of the members had gained supernatural powers. Since that day he left that gang and lirked trying to find his place in this world. He lost these ablities however at the age of 24.

At 24 Jaden was once a powerful man, he had the money, the cars, the wemon, he had it all. Jaden was a great Baseball player. He had it rough when he was a kid but he knew that with hard work and effort he could do anything he wanted. He got so good in fact he never missed a homerun. He found out that he was going to be voted the most valuble player of the year. Thus mr. ego was born. He was overly confident in his ablities and had become a legend of the diamond. People began to call him Blade Knight because he was considered galliant.

However Jaden died at the hands of his maneger. He was shot in the face at the end of the world series. When he came to the S.S he was a very skilled swordsmen. Jaden first began his duty a a shinigami he was estatic. He worked hard for his Captin and always tried to do his duty. But when jaden had to go to the human world. He was transformed. He secretly detested the humans for being helpless and frail. He hated protecting those who could not handle a hollow. But none the less he respected his Captins orders and would help those he needed to help. He also is cocky only when he talks about the 8th division. He loves to boast how the 8th has the greastest Captain. Years lator Jaden decided to train for a chance to be Lieutenant of the 8th.

He was ready for battle three years later. He choose to take on the Kenpachi seeing how he wanted to show that hard work came before all other. He defeated the kenpachi easily with his bankai. He was elected to posistion and then he was assigned a completely new squad of shinigami. That reason was because he went beserk one day nad killed all his members in a training session. He has calmed down and gotten more serious. He rarly becomes enraged.
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PostSubject: Re: Kenpachi Cruz   Sun May 10, 2009 10:26 pm

thats great and took alot of time i could tell well its approved welcome aboard cruz

Zanpaktou Spirit


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Kenpachi Cruz
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