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Only One Person Will Walk Out Of The Graveyard Of Bodies............Will It Be You Or Will You Die?
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Bleach Blades of Destiny

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here is where the rules for Bleach Blades of Destiny will be posted and edited when needed. please follow them to the best of your ability there will be no exceptions.These rules and regulations are subject to change at any time, it is the users own responsibility to ensure they abide by these rules, to avoid punishment. Ignorance is not an excuse.- Offensive language / names Minor cursing can be overlooked, however heavy cursing and offending other users (see harassment) is not allowed. This includes messages in the forums, discussion, news comments, and a user's signature. Penalties will be handed out at the moderator's discretion, and are non-debatableWarnings will be handed out through PM and/or email while offense is occurring. Offenders can expect up to a one day ban, repeated offenders can expect any ban from two days to a week and a consecutive forum bans, should offenses persist.Offensive usernames are subject to be banned and deadlocked on sight. Consciously making an offensive username is against the rules and will not be tolerated. This can be done at anytime, so you are heavily advised to not test your luck, because a Captain account with an offensive username is no different from a Squad member username. Rule of thumb, if you think it might be offensive, it probably is.Offensive language / usernames consist of usernames/language include, but are not limited to: Excessive swearing Sexual references Being a generic pervert Racism Illegal drug references - Language: In the fourm, news comments or other publicly accessible locations, any language besides english is strictly prohibited Our moderator team cannot possibly know every language, and as such, cannot moderate any messages in languages they do not understand, to prevent harassment out of the moderators control, all other languages are only to be used in PM's - Harassment:Harassment, Trolling, or otherwise pestering a user is most obviously not allowed, bans will be granted after written complaints to moderators / administrators by the user involved. Valid proof must be submitted to warrant the ban. Harassment warrants up to a 1 day ban at first offense, consecutive offensive warrant bans up to 7 days. The exact length of the ban induced is at the discretion of the moderator and will depend on the severity of the violation.- Account SharingFor your safety, account sharing is explicitly forbidden for all users, if any user is found sharing their password, both users can expect bans up to 48 hours, and a forced password change. if this offense is continued to be repeated both users will be fully banned and deleted from the site- Impersonating a moderator / Administrator: Anyone found impersonating moderators / administrators will be banned on sight for 7 days. This rule extends to usernames with great resemblance to that of a moderator, or usernames implying moderator or admin privileges such as "4dmin1istrat0r","SiteOwner" and the likes.- Account Buying / Selling / Trading / Giving awayTrading, Selling, or buying accounts is explicitely forbidden all accounts involved in this process will be banned for a period no less than 1 week, and the account that had switched ownership will be flagged for deletion. Giving away accounts also falls under this rule.- User-pictures:User-pictures are subject to moderation, inappropriate user-pictures will be removed on sight, and a warning will be issued. Inappropriate user-pictures include pictures:Of sexual nature Containing swear words Depicting racism of any kind Harrassing other users (see harrassment) The administration reserves the right to deem user-pictures inappropriate even when not falling under any of the above categories.Failure to comply can result in bans up to 48 hours.- Changes to user data:The administration will under no circumstance, manipulate a users stats, ablities, or rank on request of the user. I.E. ranks-ups will not be undone, your offenses will not be swapped, your ablities levels will not be swapped.- Account responsibility:The owner of the account is at all times responsible of anything that occurs on his/her account. Hackers, little brothers, cats, or mysterious glitches are no excuse. - Moderator / Admin positions:Any users found asking for, begging for, inquiring about the means to become an admin or moderator, will be subject to a ban of any size. The policy on becoming a moderator / admin is simple. Don�t call us, we�ll call you. (Naturally this is voided if we ask you to call us.)Bans:Bans are definitive and will not be revoked, anyone found whining about being banned, shall have their ban extended by up to two times the original length. The use of an alt to whine about the banning/get around the ban is prohibited. A ban is a punishment for breaking the rules; therefore, anyone found doing so will merely have that account banned.SpammingSpamming included Posts:- In all caps.- In all bold/italic/underline- Large nonsensical posts that stretch any post unless there is a good reason for the length of the post- Glitching/HackingAs it would go without saying, exploiting faults in the code and hacking of Bleach online rpg is strictly forbidden. Anyone found doing either can expect the wrath of the Administration to fall upon their account.Along side of this:- Inquiring about how to glitch- Inquiring about how to hack- Threatening to hack the site- Withholding information about a glitchIs also strictly forbidden. Depending on the severity of the offense, a user found violating this rule can expect a punishment ranging from a two day ban to deletion of their accountok thats it for the site rules in general now for rules for the spacific ranksCaptain1. must keep squad board updated with new information when avalible2. must keep squad under control (this means doing what ever is needed to keep the squad happy and undercontrol how you do this is completly up to you)3. must make at least 4 posts every two weeks (some exceptions may be made)4. no captain can or is allowed to decline a captains chalange from their Lieutenant all other members yes this rule is in place because only Lieutenants can chalange a captain for their position5. all captains must make some type of contribution to the site once a month6. all captains will need to be able to attend most captain meetings not all will be requiredLieutenant 1. must keep squad board updated with new information when possible2. must keep squad under control (this means doing what ever is needed to keep the squad happy and undercontrol how you do this is completly up to you and your captain)3. all Lieutenants are required to login at least 3 times a month4. all Lieutenants must make some type of contribution to the site at least once a monthSquad members1. mostly squad members will need to follow all rules above execpt captain and Lieutenant's rules2. must login at least once a month (some exceptions may be made this may change if i think that this is to hard to complete)now i will post the options of all ranks(by this i mean what each rank can and can't do this is subject to chance without notice so check back offton these will also be posted in the forums)Ranks1. Captain2. Lieutenant3. Squad MemberSquad members can1. You may reject any request from anyone in your squad including Captain/Lieutenant... (hope you don't get kicked)This doesn't mean not to listen to your captain...Captains even though your captain rank you can only eject him from your squad if he is treating you or any of your squad badlyLieutenants can1. May accept/reject any squad request 2. May move people to suit there seats3. May accept/decline any squad member trades4. May resign from Lieutenant (captain will decide who takes over)5. Required to attend most Lieutenant meetings (unless there is a reason you can’t make it in which you may ask someone else from your squad including the captain to take your place but before you do this you must notify at least 3 other captains including your captain that you will be unable to make it to the metting)6. May ask for a Lieutenant’s meting to be scheduled7. may set up events and contests with approvial from the captain8. may create rules and regulations for the squad with approvial from the captain(More may be added later)Captains can1. May accept/reject any squad request 2. May move people to suit there seats (can over ride any decision made by the lieutenant) 3. May accept/decline any squad member trades4. May kick any members in squad (only with a good reason)5. May resign from captain (Lieutenant would move up)6. May NOT refuse a captain challenge7. May NOT kick member just because you are challenged for your position8. If a captain automatic moderation powers 9. MAY OVER RULE ANY Lieutenant’s ORDERS10. May ask a trade from any other division in return you must trade a member from your division11. may ask for a metting with the 46 council12. may set of a date for a squad metting13. may ask for a captains metting to be scheduled14. may ask for a lieutenant metting to be scheduled15. may schedul events and contests for the squad16. may create a set of rules for their squad with approvial from two staff members(More may be added later)