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Only One Person Will Walk Out Of The Graveyard Of Bodies............Will It Be You Or Will You Die?
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 Rules of the Division...Please read.

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12th Division Captain
12th Division Captain

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PostSubject: Rules of the Division...Please read.   Sat Oct 16, 2010 9:46 am

1. This is a simple rule. I pass out missions and they will be posted here. If I can't be contacted, the Fujikotaicho will post the missions.

2. Speaking with your supperiors. You will adress your supperiors like this:

-Taicho Okita

(Put the position, then last name. it's a simple sign of respect that I ask.)

3. No fighting with other divisions or amungst yourselves.

4.If another captain tells you to do something, do it.

5. If you believe someone may be a traitor then come to me and I will investigate.

6. You will listen to your supperiors, no matter the order. If it sounds outlandish, come to me asap and I will tell you to do it or not.



Tend to the Guardan (Any level)

Check the stocks of our Division (any level)

That is all for now, Thank you,

Taicho Okita.

Benkei's theme song <--this is a link (just in case ya didn't know o.o)

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"One kills a man, one is a murderer; One kills many, One is a conquerer; One kills all, One is God."

Benkei quotes:

"Do not fear death. Fear that which you do not know, and for this, you will fear Akumaruji."

"Do not rely on sight alone, for this will kill you."

"My release is that of a shooting star. It takes to the heavens and turns your world upside down."
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Rules of the Division...Please read.
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