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 Yoruichi's Zanpakuto (Later used)

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Lady Yoruichi
Lady Yoruichi

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Yoruichi's Zanpakuto (Later used) Empty
PostSubject: Yoruichi's Zanpakuto (Later used)   Yoruichi's Zanpakuto (Later used) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 12, 2009 1:59 am

Name: Shiden (Thuderbolting Flash)

Command: Electricute them, Shiden!

Appearance Of The Spirit: The real form about this is unknown. When Yoruichi saw it, it was just a rainbow colored glow that is circular.

Family: Lightning, Wind

Level: Shikai and Bankai (Bankai will be trained with Loki. Intense training Razz)

Sealed Zanpaktou: A normal katana of soul reapers.

Shikai: It becomes longer and thicker, however lighter. The side of the zanpakuto has sharp zagged points and the tip of the it. It has a 2 long sharp knifes. However it can't be taken out.

Shikai Ability: It can be enhanced with lightning when pointed to the sky. Lightning bolts down to the sword and when it hits the ground many sparks of lightning runs to the hollows/opponent.

Bankai: Kudozan Shiden!

Bankai Ability: The sword can manipulate into how many it wants without any size decreasement. However, Yoruichi doesn't use her bankai only if neccessary.

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Personality: Calm, Gentle, Quiet, Avoids talking.

History: Shikai was earn by her at the state of an academy student, however Yoruichi never knew it was her shikai. Her bankai was(will) trained by Loki.
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1st Division Captain
1st Division Captain

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Yoruichi's Zanpakuto (Later used) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yoruichi's Zanpakuto (Later used)   Yoruichi's Zanpakuto (Later used) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 12, 2009 10:52 am

very nice, approved

"Blaze like a thousand suns devour your enemys and turn them to ash, allow nothing to stand before me, now blaze god of flame Sangan"

Yoruichi's Zanpakuto (Later used) Untitled-3
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Yoruichi's Zanpakuto (Later used)
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