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 Zanpakutou Template

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PostSubject: Zanpakutou Template   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:43 am

Name: (Japanese name first then add the English meaning)

Command: (What do you say to release your Zanpakutou)

Appearance Of The Spirit: (How The Spirit Looks Like, you can use a image)

Family: (Choose only one type of family)
-Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Ice/Snow, Metal, Shadow/Dark, Light/Holy, Gravity, Illusions, Poison, Nature, Neutral(it means no element), etc.

Level: (If is it shikai or bankai. Note Bankai needs training)

Sealed Zanpaktou: (How does your sword look in its sealed not released state)

Shikai: (how does your sword look it shikai)

Shikai Ability: (What ability does your blade gain at Shikai)

Bankai: (For Captains, and Elite Vaizards only! still need training thought for bankai. - What does your blade look like in Bankai)

Bankai Ability: (What ability does your blade gain in Bankai)

Height: (The height of the spirit, if you don't know how to use the system just post like small, average, tall or unknown)

Weight: (The weight of the spirit, same thing as above)

Personality: (the spirits personality)

History: (Add How You Got It And Other Stuff You May Wish To Share)


1-50 Posts 2 Techniques
51-100 Posts 4 Techniques
101-150 Posts 5 Techniques
151-200 Posts 6 Techniques
201-250 Posts 8 Techniques
251-300 Posts 9 Techniques
301-400 Posts 10 Techniques
401-500 Posts 11 Techniques

And so on... except it will always be 100 more posts later =P
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Zanpakutou Template
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