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 Squad Rules

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Loki Narako
Squad 2 Captain/Legendary Captain/The Legendary Ice Killer
Squad 2 Captain/Legendary Captain/The Legendary Ice Killer
Loki Narako

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PostSubject: Squad Rules   Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:59 am

Here are few rules you must be listening to: Not obeying these rules will get you to another squad.

1. Don't multiply send the same PM or messages to the Captain (Loki) and the Vice~Captain (Lady Yoruichi) It'll get to you within 24 hours.

2. Do not beg for a rank up. We assign you a rank wherever we want you to be. Though defeating high ranked person than you will replace the position to that person.

3. If the Captain nor the Vice~Captain says no, then it's no, do not beg.

4. If the Captain nor the Vice~Captain gives orders you must listen to it. No being, "He runs out of the room panically so he wouldn't get the orders" Captain and the Vice~Captain's order must be obeyed.

5. Don't Spam or Advertise in here, there's a seperate place for that gibberish.

6. Be respectful to higher ranked person, unless it's your relative. Captain and Vice~Captain's name shouldn't be spoken out dully, and needs to put the "Captain" "Vice~Captain" or "Lieutanent" at the start.

The Captain and the Vice~Captain has the rights to ignore any battles from their squad members, and can resign unseated officers off the squad without and notification.

All rules are final, if you have questions ask the Captain (Loki Narako) or the Vice~Captain (Lady Yoruichi) for more information.

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Squad Rules
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