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 Poisoning A Drink

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PostSubject: Poisoning A Drink   Poisoning A Drink Icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 11:00 am

Name: Shiosaki

Command: "Ebb and flow.Now rejoice, now worry.Wash it all away..."

Appearance Of The Spirit: Shiosaki takes the form of a large stingray.The top of the stingray glows a in a dull blue color and his underside is covered in tribal-style tattoos.

Family: Water


Sealed Zanpaktou: Harukou's zanpakutou looks like a normal katana with two exceptions:1.)It's shorter than your average katana 2.)It is completely straight.There is no curve at all to the blade or handle,which is wrapped in a navy blue cloth.The sheath of the zanpakutou is also a navy blue color(color coordination,yay!)

Shikai: When Harukou is releasing his zanpakutou,he flips the sheathed weapon over,so the handle is facing the ground and says the release phrase which prompts the magnificent transformation.The blade glows a pale blue color before becoming pure water that pours out of the sheath.The water continues to rush out until a total of one miles is covered by the rushing water that reaches up to the Harukou's thigh and has a tide of its own.The sheath in Harukou's hand becomes pure water also and metamorphoses into a new sword that is made of the same water that surrounds the battlefield.(I would like to emphasize that the water of Harukou's zanpakutou is pure,meaning it does not conduct electricity.)

Shikai Ability:Shiosaki grants Harukou the ability to control water in some interesting ways.He can change the pressure and density of the water that came from his zanpakutou and move and manipulate any other source of water around him.The pressure changes can make it nearly impossible to breath or move in the water if submerged and coupled with the manipulation of the water,Harukou can make weapons out of the water.

Akunochimata no Shiosaki

Bankai: All of the water around the battlefield begins to swirl violently with Harukou and his opponent at the center of the vortex.The blade and Harukou's hand is assimilated into the whirlpool as it begins to rise and continues to swirl,forming a large ball of water that continuously swirls and traps Harukou and his opponent inside.

Bankai Ability: It's the same as his shikai ability, but stronger.Harukou can now change the moisture in the air into water.If his opponent has a water-type weapon,Harukou can begin a long process of breaking their released water down to vapor and reforming it as part of the watery cage around the two.Harukou's opponent can stop this process by interrupting it with their control before the water is assimilated into the ball.While the bankai transformation leaves Harukou weaponless,he has the entire battlefield at his command.

Height:15 feet from head to sting tip.

Weight: fairly heavy

Personality:Shiosaki is a very solemn and thoughtful spirit who doe not enjoy fighting.The stingray likes to create poetry in its spare time(which he has a lot of) and enjoys the taste of sake.

History: Two days before becoming the captain of the 3rd Division,Minoru Harukou began training for bankai in the forest of Rukongai.he didn't pass Shiosaki's test until the evening of his test and had to go through the test with no bankai,making him the second person in the Gotei 13's history to become a captain without having bankai.After he acheived it on that wonderous night,Minoru spent the first few weeks of his captaincy mastering what most people had to master in years to meet the level of his other captains and even surpassed the level of some.


Anshu(shikai or bankai) - Harukou creates a large hand out of water that can be used to "punch" or grab his opponent.when used to punch in shikai,the fist only lasts one post to attack in both shikai or bankai.When used to grab,its hold lasts for two posts in shikai while the hold lasts for one post in bankai before it attempts to pull Harukou's opponent to the water ball.(can only be used three times in battle with a 10 post cooldown)

Henka(shikai or bankai) - Harukou changes his sword of water into a different weapon,after 10 posts with the transformed weapon,it reverts back to a sword.In bankai,Harukou's new weapon is formed from some of the water in the ball and returns to it after 20 posts.(15 post cooldown for shikai and 30 post cooldown for bankai)
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PostSubject: Re: Poisoning A Drink   Poisoning A Drink Icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 11:18 am

hmm pretty good very well put together i approve

"Blaze like a thousand suns devour your enemys and turn them to ash, allow nothing to stand before me, now blaze god of flame Sangan"

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Poisoning A Drink
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