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 Bleeding In A Sink

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3rd seat officer
3rd seat officer

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PostSubject: Bleeding In A Sink   Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:25 am


Gender:Manly Male

Age: 321

Visual Age:28


Appearance:Minoru Harukou stands at 5'11 and weighs 184 ilbs,but that's not really important.His defining feature is his eyes.The gun metal gray irises seem to be windows into a deep cavern that captures most who are dare to look into them.These eyes,coupled with lazy eyebrows and lightly drooping lids,give Harukou a sleepy,almost indifferent,look.Harukou's pointed nose,grim line of a mouth,and his slicked back black hair(including one dangling bang) give him an almost noble appearance.

Harukou wears your standard shinigami uniform with the exception of the belt,which is a black and white striped obi instead of the regular white one.His sleeves are longer than most shinigami's and his haori is worn over his shoulders,making it seem more like a cape.The inside of the haori is a silvery white color and his zanpakutou is worn around his waist in the same fashion as most shinigami.

Personality: Harukou is a man who believes that the world is unjust.He sees it as his responsibility to try and balance it out.Harukou isn't the type to rejoice a victory as he sees fighting as an uncivilized way to settle differences.Harukou enjoys the relieving feeling of smoking a cigarette or two whenever he feels stressed out or uncomfortable.Harukou looks down upon those who destroy others for mere personal gain or enjoyment and holds high esteem to those who try to make justice and equality the central aspect of life.

Likes:Few things give Harukou joy.Sake helps though,sake is one of the only things he does enjoy.Which is in the same category as gazing at the sun,reading and writing.

Dislikes:Fighting,arguing,doing manual labor and stupidity.

History:Minoru Aratamaru was born and raised in Junrinan,the first district of West Rukongai.He spent most of his life around the West Gate to the Gotei 13 headquarters and always aspired to be a shinigami,but his parents were avidly against the idea of their only son going in to such a dangerous profession.But Minoru was a strong-willed boy.When he was old enough to join the academy,Minoru snuck off in the middle of the night and signed up for the academy.To make sure that no one from his family found him,Minoru changed his last name to Harukou instead of Mratamaru.

He trained hard to master the art of the zanpakutou,hoping that a skilled swordsman would have the ability to end fights quickly before they became too uncivilized.Minoru also took great pride in his superior speed.He was the fastest kid in his class and could win any race of shunpo whenever challenged.These two traits got him noticed early on by the leaders of the academy.He was soon promoted to the advanced classes and put on the right track to become a seated officer upon graduation.Which did,in fact, happen.When he graduated,Mniro Harukou was assigned as the 10th seat of the 13th Division.His career in which was superb.He completed every mission given to him faster than expected(he had a knack for slaying hollows) and was soon trusted to go on missions where Gillian-class Menos were likely to appear.

These missions proved to be nothing more than tests to see if he was worthy of a much higher seat:3rd seat of the 13th Division.He graciously accepted the position and the responsibilities that came with it.As the proud third seat of the 13th Division,Minoru thought it a good idea to visit his family and let them know what happened to him during all those years he was gone.When he got there,he was greeted with warm and somewhat understanding feelings from his family,which was soon cut short.Somehow,A hollow slipped into Rukongai and was tearing through Junrinan,coming straight for the Aratamaru house.Minoru boldly stood up to the hollow,releasing his shikai and showing his true power in a vicious battle that ended in the destruction of half of the district.He returned to the the Gotei 13 with a mix of praise and reprimand from the captains for his actions.He just so happened to get in such an important battle when the 3rd Division needed a new captain.His captain quickly put his name forth to take the exam and Minoru prepared for days to make the most out of this opportunity.He went in nervous,and came out a captain
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1st Division Captain
1st Division Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Bleeding In A Sink   Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:28 am

wow impressive very well thought out very good i approve this character

"Blaze like a thousand suns devour your enemys and turn them to ash, allow nothing to stand before me, now blaze god of flame Sangan"

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Bleeding In A Sink
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