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 Colmillo (Fang)

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Sin Shira
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Sin Shira

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PostSubject: Colmillo (Fang)   Colmillo (Fang) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 8:33 am

Name: Colmillo (Fang)

Release Phrase: Ravage Their Souls... Colmillo!

Owner: Sin Shira

Represent: Sin's Resurrection represents a bat.

Element: Air

Sealed Description: In its sealed form it looks like a spear, it looks like it is made out of human skulls. It is around 5 feet long and the tipped is poisoned of some parylisation poison.

Released Description: His Resurreccion is a 5 Pronged spear. The spear look`s like it is made out of a dark crystal metal it is around 10 feet long and it is covered in spike`s making only Sin able to use it withing getting pricked or scrapped.They are poisoned bits if entered into their blood system the opponent shall be paralyzed for 5 turns.

Description: Sin turns into a Bat~like Hollow, and he gains claws tipped with poisons. He has wing's that can shield him from most attacks, He can't see anymore so he would have to use his sense's (hearing,feeling etc...) He is stronger in the moonlight. He is weakened at dawn and he is normal in the afternoon. His entire face is covered with his Arrancar mask thus explaining why he can't see anything. He weakens in the Sunlight because it burns his skin a bit (kinda like a vampire, but he wouldn't die unless he stood there for weeks). At night is because night = no sun, in the after noon its just to balance it out. In his Russerection, he is white all over and he has blood lining (no i dont mean bloody red lining but blood lining). He could also use his wings to fly around, but he hardly does that since it is kinda hard to move them (heavy wings). He also gets a long (around 7 feet long and 70cm thick) spiky tail tipped with many types of poison's, if it is cut off it would simply regrow. He could use the tail for many purposes, such as if his wings are too heavy to block a attack he would move his tail in the way. He could also use it to grab things such as a Enemy's Zanpakutou. As for his main ability on his true form he can regenerate his wounds every 10 seconds which is 0.50%, which in a post i will notify how many seconds have passed.

Ultimate Ability: He moves at a intense speed, sonido everywhere around the opponent making 10 seconds replicas. He then slash's them with all his Reaitsu, (Its a all or nothing attack, althought he can use the clones for grabbing the opponent making them unable to move.)

Technique 1: Lluvia de lanzas de ennegrecimiento (Rain Of Blackening Spears)

Sin spear becomes darker and darker as time goes on and eventually it will become pure black and it multiplies itself by 50 all controlled by Sin they move where he commands

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Technique 2: Punta De Lanzas (Spike Of Spears)

The area cover's with heavy wind and Sin's spear in its released form imitates a Dark glow it multiplies itself as much as reaitsu is putted in and the spear's except the original go throught the ground and they plunge themselves under the opponents feet. They go up and down.

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Colmillo (Fang)
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