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Only One Person Will Walk Out Of The Graveyard Of Bodies............Will It Be You Or Will You Die?
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 Sin Shira

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Sin Shira
Primera Espada
Sin Shira

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PostSubject: Sin Shira   Sin Shira Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 8:27 am

Name: Shira Sin

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Visual Age: 18

Race: Arrancar

Appearance: Sin Shira Emo_anime

Personality: He is Cocky at times and Playful. He doesn't like to get serious since it ruins the *fun* in his life. He likes Rare Stones, Fighting, Playing and much more. He hate's Cowards, Serious people, Weak people and much more. He is usually found in the white desert since he likes Deserts ever since he was a Hollow.

Written Appearance: Sin is around 165 lbs in weight and he is 6.5 in height. He has Japanese Tattoo's on his right and left arms meaning "He who does not fears for himself, but fears for others". He has Dark hair and He has red flame like eye coloring. He wear's light dark leather clothing enabling him to move as fast as possible, he has a dark colored Rosary around his neck as well.

Likes: He likes Rare Stones, Fighting strong people and owning them >=), Playing and much more

Dislikes: He hate's Cowards, Serious people, Weak people and much more

History: Sin was born as a Hollow, he never had a human life (at least thats what he thinks!) . As a Hallow he liked many things and hated a few. He ate on Hollows so he could become stronger. Eventually at the age of 15 he was truly powerful but he got greedy so he tried to become a Menos. He saw a group of Hollow forming into a Menos, he decided to join in. As he decided so he did. He formed into a Menos, Once he had woke up he realized that he did not turn into a ravaging beast, his mind was controlling the Menos. He was surprised on how that happened but he didn't care much for he had become stronger. Later on in his life he became a Menos Grande, Gillian once he had eaten enough Meno's, Once he did that he finally became a Adjuchas and he kept on eating more Hollow's in order to progress further. When he ate enough he had became a Arrancar, he was beaming in strength. Content being quite strong he went to Las Noches to get even stronger then before. A few year's later he had became the Primera's Fraccion and started to get powerful immensely more. He thought that nothing would stop him so he continued being Primera's Fraccion in order to get more powerful, he will never stop training in hopes he would be the ultimate Arrancar. Once he thought of himself strong enough he stopped being the Primera's Fraccion and decided to become a Espada.
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Sin Shira
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