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 Sexual predators - watch out for them

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PostSubject: Sexual predators - watch out for them   Mon Mar 02, 2009 8:06 am

Forums like these and places like Tokyopop and gaiaonline make it VERY easy for predators to find potential victims.
PREDATORS CAN BE FEMALE (not only males)

-You should not thrust ANYBODY for who they claim to be
-Dont give personal info like your full name, parents name and etc
-DONT EVER show a picture that is very revealing about you
-Dont give your name or phone number

If anything sexual gets you into trouble, this forum is NOT responsible. You are the ONLY one responsible for what you say and your actions.

Flirting on here is such a daily thing with anyone and frankly, we dont care because it's none of our business what you do lol! ... but it's always a two way deal. If somebody asks you questions or tells you sexual stuff that makes you feel unconfortable, it's your duty to IGNORE them and report them. If it persist, contact a mod or an admin right away. Your complaint will remain totally anonymous.

There is NO excuse for sexual misconduct that may seem fishy..... that person will be banned immedietely.
A girl (or guy) that cries for sex just cuz you say no to them, IS sexual harassement.


Here we want to protect you from potential harm and we'll always be there for you.... but we cant check everybody out or what you're doing. So you are responsible as well. Don't be a victim. 75% of online predators are pedophiles and some are very dangerous.

Please take care of yourself.
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Sexual predators - watch out for them
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