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Only One Person Will Walk Out Of The Graveyard Of Bodies............Will It Be You Or Will You Die?
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 New Forms!

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Sin Shira
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Sin Shira

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PostSubject: New Forms!   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:56 am

I have new forms for A couple of the Races.

Zanpaktou Fusion
Fuses with his/her Zanpaktou spirit.
Captains only, need 300 posts. Lasts ten posts.

A controlled Hollowfication, takes on features from his/her inner hollow.
Vaizards only, 300 posts, lasts 10 posts.

True Form
2x the power of a Resurrection, becomes more like their hollow form.
Espadas only, 305 posts, lasts 10 posts.

Ultimate Doll
The doll grows 2 times more powerful, doubles in size, and is more menacing.
Bountos only, 300 posts, lasts 10 posts.

Maximum Power
Has the effects of removing a sanrei glove, only you keep your powers.
Quincy only, 300 posts, lasts 10 posts.
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New Forms!
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