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 Victor Dunkelheit

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PostSubject: Victor Dunkelheit   Victor Dunkelheit Icon_minitimeMon Jan 10, 2011 8:14 am

Name: Dunkelheit, Victor

Gender: Male

Age: 115 Born July 4th, 1894 Died September 21, 1918

Visual Age: 24

Race: Shinigami

What he wears when not placed in a uniform along with his custom sniper rifle that he used during WWI.

Personality: Victor is an very aloof person in that he is quite happy enjoying a wonderful day of working on his little devices, listening to his music, or enjoying a nice serving of sauerkraut. That being said he is also more than willing to do a job and get it done no matter what the cost, just don't expect him to be too serious about it unless he has to be or if he just doesn't enjoy it. He is outspoken too due to his stubborn will, that compounded with how Germans tend to be loud and you get a person who can cause a ruckus if he wishes. He is more than willing to keep his friends, comrades, and subordinates safe from harm if he can and this even extends to innocent civilians as well.

He enjoys a fight from time to time to test a new weapon or device he made but when it comes to actually killing a person he is not too thrilled about doing it, he finds it a waste of life and a good way of ruining the chances of the person getting better and becoming more fun to fight in the future. He is a bit of a trickster in that if he can trick two people into fighting for him then by all means he will do it, but he isn't one to betray his country or anything drastic like that. He does have a slight temper but mostly it is easier to make him yell at a person than it is to make him try to hit them, that is of course talking about normal situations as a fight will always end with him beating a person up if needed.

He is a bit of a pervert though he knows limits when he sees them and won't try to flirt with a girl that is taken or is of the temperament to hit anyone that tries to flirt, he also will withhold any dirty comments when around people that are a bit uptight though if he is with a more loose bunch he will be looser as well. All in all he has a healthy interest in females for a man of his age, just has enough brains to keep it under wraps when needed. He does drink from time to time too so it not unheard of to see him drunk, this tends to end up with him just hunched over hmming musical pieces though unless one is to try to interact with him. When that happens it is anyone's guess as to what he will do when certain actions happen around him while in that state.

During a fight his persona is broken up into two different halves his offensive and defensive persona, when he is attacking a person he is almost feral in actions as he will swipe and claw and come at a person like a demon or something. But when he is not attacking and simply waiting for the right moment to strike while in a defensive pose, he is normally willing to do some witty banter or simply voice how much fun a fight is or how boring it is in some cases.

History: Victor Dunkelheit was born to the Dunkelheit family who owned many different buildings and structures in Germany, one of which was a Armory that was used to help produce weapons for the country's soldiers. This Armory was also the place Victor's father Yeager Dunkelheit oversees and ran personally, due to this Victor would frequently be at the Armory to be with his father and watch him work. His mother Sasha Dunkelheit had died giving birth to him so when Victor wasn't with his Father he was with a nanny of sorts, this always upset Victor as he never liked the nanny even if she wasn't that bad. That also helped in having the young boy be at the Armory so much, due to this Victor gained a strange love of making weapons and devices. Most believe it was due to his desire to be like his father and when Victor started to help work a little bit he also gained the respect of the workers there. He was even able to help his father by sharing ideas on how to make the work more efficient, safer, and gave a few ideas on new innovations to add to weapons.

This time of creation and growth though would soon be replaced by a time of destruction and suffering as Victor would soon be pulled into the very first World War and sadly fate had placed him on the side that would ultimately loose it. When the war started he was only twenty one so he was still a young man but at a perfect age to become a soldier for his country, he even insisted on helping defend his country and fight off those that dare to attack it. Where once a creator and inventor stood a man trained to kill and destroy would take his place, yet still the soul of who Victor really was deep inside would remain strong.

This being said due to how his family were one of the upper class Victor was not put in situations where he would be mindlessly thrown at the enemy forces, he was even put through advance training when the call for war went out as his father wanted to ensure his only son would not die. This included marksmanship training, hand to hand combat training, and finally training in using a saber that was made by his father at the Armory. When Victor was fully trained he was placed in the position of a sniper yet when he was presented his rifle he quickly pointed out issues with it and demanded he be allowed to make his own personal one. It was only because of his past experience with weapon fabrication and innovation along with his family's power that he was allowed to do just that, it did put him back a few months in the war but when he hit the battlefield he quickly became a major threat to any enemy military officer that dared to poke his head out of the trenches.

With his trusty weapon he was able to kill over a hundred military officers, and thousands of enemy soldiers during the war and became known as "Vorbote des Todes" which means Harbinger of Death in German yet no matter how many lives he took he always kept a aloof and friendly personality. It was then on September the 19th of 1918 that Victor ended up in a situation he would not escape from for while he was doing a wonderful job of sniping from his hidden position, he was unable to fall back in time when the battlefront he was on broke and his fellow soldiers were pushed back by the Americans.

Because of this he was left behind enemy lines without any hope of escape but even then Victor vowed to fight to his last breath and would terrorize the enemy from his hidden firing positions for two days, but it was only a matter of time before he was spotted and the American and British forces were able to pin him down in his hiding place but not before a bullet found home in his right lung. As the bullets pinged off the rock behind him his life seeped out of his body and just a minute before an American Soldier was able to get up to his place he passed away, and as the Soldier looked at Victor's dead boy he said "Finally got the son of a b&%!?........Vorbote des Todes was one tough a#! Kraut."

->After Death<-

Due to how there were so many dying due to the war Shinigami were always present on the battlefield waiting for the newly killed men's souls to appear and be sent away post haste, this happened to Victor as well so he never got to really be a spirit in the living world at all. This meant his real life after death started in East Rukongai and was in the area considered number 40 from the center thus it was mostly middle class living and homes with slight amounts of crime but all in all a good area, it was perfect for Victor due to how this area was also full of manufacturing businesses such as forges and the like. While Victor didn't remember his past life as a human his skills were left intact and this allowed him to easily procure a job in a forge and help create weapons and house hold items too such as pots and utensils, and for the most part life was good for Victor as he was able to produce items that were of top quality but his best work was with the production of weapons and armor.

It was this skill that attracted the eye of some of the more richly Rukongai residents and with their demands for his work and desire for exclusive access to him Victor was able to move from the middle area of the Eastern District to the very front as he was now located in what would be area five of the district which was for top artisans and weapon makers. With this change in location came a change in life style and the resources he could procure, with it he was able to commission a special outfit to wear though it did cost a bit of money due to how drastically different it was compared to other clothing. But over time the new outfit became iconic of sorts as everyone knew who he was based on it alone, the small marking that was on the orange fabric attached to his left arm even became his emblem for his work and was placed on all his creations by himself.

This part of his life lasted for fifty years but even so this part of his life would be over as well though its end would not nearly be as traumatic as what ended his living years, no this would be due to the fact that while Victor is well known for his ability to make weapons his skill with using them is also known as well. This causes certain foolish people to seek him out and to do battle with him and one such person was one of the Shinigami of Squad 11. The man had been drinking with his buddies and heard about Victor and due to how Squad 11 members love to fight it was easy to guess why he was there. The fight was long and hard as while Victor had the man beaten when it came to skill the man had the advantage of greater spiritual pressure, as even the most skilled archer will have trouble dealing with even a novice marksmen.

Victor was lucky that the Shinigami was a bit tipsy as it helped tip the scale more in his favor and after fighting for nearly two hours the other Shinigami fell over out cold from a combination of exhaustion, injury, and drunkenness. Victor himself was pretty banged up though while the Shinigami was covered in cuts and stab wounds Victor was bruised up and seemed to suffer a fair amount of blunt trauma, this showed that while he was worn down it was not because of a sword but just the fact the other opponent just used raw power to do damage. As Victor went home one of the Shinigami's that came with the Squad 11 one made a mental note to send someone to get Victor and place him in the Academy.


Now Victor at first was not too thrilled about being more or less drafted into the Academy when it was brought up but as the Shinigami that was told to get him talked about it more and more, well Victor started to slowly see how this could be a good thing as his patriotic tendency started to gnaw at him so that he would work to protect Soul Society from harm. It was then that the German agreed to it fully and happily went to the Academy to become a Shinigami, while there he set a name for himself by being a person you do not want to have to fight in hand to hand combat classes. Victor also set a name for himself with Kido though his main focus was on attack Kido while his defensive and binding Kido were average for the most part.

But even at the Academy his ability to create was put to use as he would get request to make a gift that would be given to a sweet heart be it a knife for a man or a locket for a girl. But while his skills were fairly great his disposition was still relaxed and aloof, this caused most to say he is almost like a younger Shunsui Kyōraku which is made more apparent when one compares the two in the fashion sense. Both of them enjoy wearing clothing that is very very different from the norm, then add how Victor likes to drink and is slightly pervy you almost got a perfect match up. Victor only needed eight months to earn Yami and with her help Victor grew quickly when it came to spiritual pressure, this combined with the fact he was a top rank soldier in his living years and having fought and trained for most of his life in the Rukonga it didn't take long for him to graduate. He just needed five years to become good enough to graduate from the school and get placed in Squad five.


Victor's placement in Squad Five was due to how his talent would be helpful in boosting the Squad's performance with his personality helping to boost moral, and the higher ups were correct as Victor was always willing to lend a hand with things he was good at and support in assignments he was not so good at. While his aloof and friendly nature along with how some just love his accent made moral better, it actually became a bit of a game of sorts with the members to see who could best speak like Victor. Normally such things would annoy a person but for Victor he just got free laughs at hearing people trying to copy his accent, for the most part things were doing well and good though those days would be over when Captain Aizen betrayed everyone in the squad.

That betrayal along with the fact the man nearly killed the Lieutenant caused Victor to truly hate a single particular person for the first time in his life, as every other time he hated something it was toward a group of people such as Americans or British never a single person. With this anger Victor had only one thing in mind, to become the new captain of his Squad and fix the damage that was done to it. But till then he would try his best to boost the moral of his squad mates with his actions and support.

((OOC: I vould like to be Fifth Zquad's captain, but vell I didn't vant to put in the captain part till I was zure I could be.))
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Victor Dunkelheit
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