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Only One Person Will Walk Out Of The Graveyard Of Bodies............Will It Be You Or Will You Die?
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 Loki's Welcome Note :P

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Loki Narako
Squad 2 Captain/Legendary Captain/The Legendary Ice Killer
Squad 2 Captain/Legendary Captain/The Legendary Ice Killer
Loki Narako

Number of posts : 582
Age : 28
Location : You can never find me in one place so I don't know what to tell you
Race : Shinigami
Registration date : 2009-04-12
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Level: 100
Rank: Captain
Squad: 2nd Division

Loki's Welcome Note :P Empty
PostSubject: Loki's Welcome Note :P   Loki's Welcome Note :P Icon_minitimeMon May 31, 2010 10:42 am

Welcome to the site I am Loki Razz! Enjoy the site ok because it is super fun!!!!!!! Yeah! Ok Au Revoir!

Loki's Welcome Note :P Ad58dcb2_9bb1_f770Me Leaving In Style lol
Loki's Welcome Note :P Anime-Boys-anime-guys-3786033-815-940 Good Side
Loki's Welcome Note :P Anime-guy-anime-guys-5284783-397-526 Evil Side

Zanpaktou Spirit

Sister aka Sonata

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Loki's Welcome Note :P
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