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 Zanpaktou of Hiato

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Hiato Kazou
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PostSubject: Zanpaktou of Hiato   Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:04 am

Name: Akui Ni Michiteiru Kage ( Malevolent Shadow )

Command: Houmen

Appearance Of The Spirit:

Family: Darkness ( Shadows )

Level: Shikai

Sealed Zanpaktou: Anime Pictures, Images and Photos

Shikai: Anime Sword Pictures, Images and Photos

Shikai Ability: The Blade Increase the speed of the user but makes it easier to keep track of as of the glowing , it also if enough Reaitsu is put into it will make a black barrier to stop most light and anyone form getting in there is just enough light to see as the zanpaktou works better in darkness

Bankai: http( Eventually when I unlocks Bankai )

Bankai Ability: ( when achieved ) Will turn Day to night and if it connects to an opponent it will completely paralize them. If it directly clashes with another Zanpaktou for enough time it will Seal the Zanpaktou back to its original sealed state for a full 24 hours unless the Zanpaktou is Light then it can break that

Height: ???

Weight: ???

Personality: Akui Ni Michiteiru Kage is a relativily Evil but quite spirit. Hiato and Akui often disagree on many things

History: Akui Ni Michiteiru Kage had been lost in battle against a espada by its last owner. The blade remained in the field where the Shinigami fell. One day Hiato was walking through that field as he often did on days off from training. He had be located by a hollow who some how slipt by the outer deffenses of the Seiretei. Hiato not being good at Kidou and no Zanpaktou he ran. On the way he tripped on the sword. He figured its cathing up fast so he pick up the blade and cut right threw the Hollows mask as it charged him.

He decided to keep the blade. He brought it to a teacher at the academy. He did some checking on the sword and told Hiato it has no owner and has been missing for quite some time. The teacher said that Hiato could keep the blade if he wanted it. Hiato accepted of course and with that graduated as that was his last requirement. That night when he was asleep in his dreams he met the spirit Akui Ni Michiteiru Kage.

Techniques: Shikai and normal blade skills
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Loki Narako
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PostSubject: Re: Zanpaktou of Hiato   Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:50 am


Me Leaving In Style lol
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Zanpaktou of Hiato
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