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 Rosuto, Shourisha [SHINIGAMI of the 11th Squad)

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PostSubject: Rosuto, Shourisha [SHINIGAMI of the 11th Squad)   Rosuto, Shourisha [SHINIGAMI of the 11th Squad) Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2010 9:36 pm

Basic Character Info

Name: Rosuto, Shourisha

Age: 132

Visual Age: 16

Gender: Male

Division: 11th Division



Shourisha is shorter then those who are around his age he is of the age of sixteen and yet he is only five foot five in height, thus this makes people believe that he is much younger then how old he actually is. As a result of his height, he doesn't weigh a lot either, he weighs 93 lbs. thus most people would be able to lift him up quite easily and things such as that. Despite how much he weighs or how tall he is he has a slightly muscular body built thus making him look a tad bit stronger then without it. He is incredibly pale compared to others, practically as white as snow. However the temperature of his body is quite cold thus when you touch him it feels as if he was made out of ice. Shourisha imitates a Aura around him, though it is not a Aura which you can see but it is a friendly kind of Aura which usually attracts people to him, this Aura is caused by his kind personality. On the upper left of his torso, there is a type of Tattoo colored a brownish color, this is a Tattoo given to those that were slaves which were forced to do manual labor and other things as well. This is how Shourisha has a slightly muscular built, due to him being a slave until he was released from slavery. His skin, flawless one might say, despite his days as a slave there are no scars, old cuts or anything. No freckles, no acne, he doesn't have any naturally all that there is, is his perfect face. He has a nearly hairless body except for his head.

He usually as his eyes semi closed due to being somewhat tired all the time due to him being a insomniac which means he doesn't sleep. His eyes are a purplish color which they seem to be observing everything around him even behind his back. These eyes they seem to be able to see through everything and understand everything, these eyes of his usually make others nervous as though as if he knew everything about themselves. Though sometimes his eyes seem as they know the meaning of pain of others, where they don't judge others and accept everything. They seem like that when they are fully opened and looking at the person, this tends to make others feel safe with Shourisha around them. His hair color is unusual for a Guy since it's color is a pink type of color. His hair is in a spiky style, covering his head with pink. Bangs of the front drop down until it reaches his nose, his hair is semi long due to the fact that he didn't cut it for a while and he likes it as it is right now. The hair hides his ears as it drops down, thus you wouldn't normally see Shourisha's ears unless a gust of wind picked up and made the hair at the side of his head fly in a direction.

On top of the pink, semi-long and spiky hair rests a hat. Shourisha usually has the hat on. The hat is more for a fashion sense and as well it distracts others from the color of his hair. The hat fits perfectly for his head, it's bigger then his head due to his hair it fits pretty nicely. The hat is colored a dark type of color with a white silvery with hints of green and a purplish pink streak going across it. The middle of it there is a green colored circle and by its side it seems to have wings colored a silvery white with hints of pink and green. At the end of his hat there are a few silvery accessories stitched into it, both of them who look like hearts stabbed through with the same metal which resembles a metal pole of some sorts. Around Sousha's neck lies a type of collar of sorts, it is made out of red colored leather and as silvery circles at equal distance from another going around the collar. This collar is somewhat there for fashion sense but it is there as a handicap for himself when he fights against someone else, this collar of his absorbs his Reaitsu and stored 80% of his Reaitsu thus making him weaker then he actually is. It is quite loose so it doesn't choke Shourisha. Shourisha wears a white colored short sleeved shirt. The shirt is small sized and it looks practically perfect for Shourisha. The third or so last button is the only button that was buttoned up, Shourisha usually has his shirt like this so you can see how he is little physically built he is. On both of his hands are brown colored gloves.

As for the subject of pants, like most people Shourisha has them as well. He has a pair of jeans that are colored a Dark Blue type of color. They are a tad bit tight as Shourisha prefers to have pants like this. However the pants are long, they practically touch the ground that Shourisha steps upon thus he could easily trip over them if he wasn't careful. Around his waist there is a belt, seemingly matching his hat and collar. The belt falls off of Shourisha's figure as usually nothing special about it then to have more fashion sense. Shourisha wears sneakers, with a mixture of white and black and gives it a nice balance between the two, However Shourisha usually has those shoes off as he feels more constrained from moving due to the shoes and socks, so you could probably usually see Shourisha without his shoes or socks if you looked down to his feet which despite not having anything to cover them up while walking around, they seem pretty clean.

Rosuto, Shourisha [SHINIGAMI of the 11th Squad) 257-18 Shourisha's Picture

Shinigami Clothing

He wears a uniform similar to what the Shinigami wear as in deference to their society's guidelines and culture, but with a few additions of his own that add personality and individuality to his ensemble. Shourisha very-much believes in personal appearance, after all. A black silk kimono trimmed with silver adorns his form first and foremost, an expensive and extremely rare piece of material that he cares for above nearly all else that bears upon it's back a Chinese dragon serpentinely coiled about the shoulders and trailing down the spine. No matter how damaged he gets, how scorched or shredded his clothing in any number of battles, this article of clothing always seems to remain undamaged, or rather repaired before anything else. Atop this he wears divided black hakama, thick about his legs, though rather than the atypical Japanese haori he bears a tight silk long sleeve shirt fastened up the center with white trim and ivory buttons. This shirt hangs over the hakama, rather than being bound beneath it, and seems to constrict the waist without need of a belt or sash. The collar buttons just beneath his throat, tight and orderly, while the sleeves reach to his wrist and bear buttons at the cuff, allowing them to be properly rolled back and fastened out of the way of his hands.

He can always be found bearing his tight red-leather jacket, a protective garment bound from synthesized fibers he himself created that do not hamper his reiatsu flow. This jacket fits snug about his form, bearing high stiffened shoulders and a similarly-stiff collar which aligns upon either side of his face nearly up to his eyes. The jacket bears golden buttons at the collar, with twin black leather straps extending from the back shoulders, curving beneath the arms and fastening at either side of the chest to secure the upper torso closed. The lower half remains open and cannot be closed entirely though two rotating strips of leather stretch across from either side and fasten to one another to prevent the jacket from flaring outwards. This provides a comfortable gap that allows him to quickly get to any number of pockets situated inside. Steel plates situate upon the arm at the shoulder and forearm, and again at the hips on either side in parallel strips simply to give it that fighter's aesthetic. A thick black belt wraps comfortably around his waist, a simple pair of crisscrossing leather that secures both in the front and at the back, the latter of which holds a simple and short leather sheathe as well. Within this sheathe rests his particular weapon, his Zanpakutou. Lastly, upon either foot are red boots of the same material as his jacket, capped at the toe, sole, and heel with a steel alloy, and on either hand rest full black leather gloves similarly plated on the back of the palm and the tips of the fingers.

Rosuto, Shourisha [SHINIGAMI of the 11th Squad) Blazc1ix3 Ignore the Person, just the clothes.

Personality: Shourisha suffers from many diseases the majority of these diseases affect his mind. Sometimes this can be a good thing and sometimes it could be a bad thing especially if he should ever fight and that one of these problems would arise for him. Simply because, he can get dizzy thus not being able to dodge that well at time, or seeing things that aren't there. These diseases cause a lot of things that Shourisha wouldn't do. One moment he may be angry and the next he may be a joy to have around. There is another disease that didn't target his mind but that of a certain nerve. Not being able to feel anything. Meaning that he can't feel pain or the temperature, taste food or smell anything, touch. If his bones were crushed he wouldn't feel it but he wouldn't be able to move that part of his body where the bones were crushed (As in if his knuckles are crushed, he would be able to move it but not like form a fist or anything like that). Most people would expect him to be depressed due to this or even happy as he would never even feel anything. He isn't depressed about it, wished he didn't have these diseases, but if someone near him would say "That's so cool" or anything like that, praising him for something like that where he can't feel anything would cause him to get angry a bit.

"You think this is awesome? Never knowing what this and that tastes like. Never knowing what a hug feels like? Not knowing if your body was hurt badly or not?"

He would lecture them about just how "awesome" it would be like when one could not feel anything at all. Shourisha is kind towards all, accepting who people are and their very own beliefs unless it would be how "awesome" his ability not to feel is. He would help those who ask for it as he believes that once everyone is united and friends with all that the world would truly become peaceful where they're wouldn't be wars or hatred for one another. That's what Shourisha wants to create where everyone would be happy. Shourisha doesn't really like to eat that much as he things that it slows himself down, he wouldn't mind eating a pill of sorts due to the time saved due to the pill. Shourisha has a lot of battle experience seeing as within his past he was a slave for Bandits for awhile, doing manual labor but eventually he was pitted against other slaves to kill one and another to survive while the person who was running this operation was making money off of the slaves like so. Shourisha is paranoid of others as he doesn't fully trust them, this was likely developed when he was a slave as well as him being a insomniac, he does go to sleep at least once a week but usually you'll see him dead tired. The insomniac state was cause simply because of his paranoia of others killing him in his sleep.

Shourisha doesn't look like he is the strongest one of a squad, mostly due to his height. This irritates him to be completely underestimated by others, what happened to the expression "Don't judge a book by it's cover?" he may possibly be the strongest Shinigami of his squad yet others would probably look down unto him and go after the others. He is as well strategical knowing what to do in most situations without thinking that much. Shourisha is weak at long range combatants as he is a close combatant, sometimes he would manage to find a way to get to them but he would have the most difficulty fighting against someone who's a long range fighter. Alongside with his unablity to feel anything he could become a great close combatant, with his unability to feel anything he made his own fighting style. This fighting style of his always surprises his opponents, those who do know of his unability to not feel anything wouldn't find it at all surprising. His fighting style might kill him more easily but it makes his opponent even more vulnerable. A example would be if his opponent had a sword and slashed aiming for his shoulder. Instead of dodging it, he would either let it hit him and make the blade stuck unto his shoulder by forcing his Reaitsu in that part down or he might grab the blade with one of his hands and attack, due to not being able to feel pain he can attack full force with a punch automatically.

He works at a Ramen shop in Karakura Town whenever he has the time as he is good friends with the owner of that Ramen store. He usually helps cook the Ramen and serve it to any customers that may demand some Ramen he's usually in a waiter costume due to him working as a waiter most of the time. However only 4 people work there, which is mainly composed of the owner's family, seeing as the owner thinks of Shourisha as family he works at the ramen stand with the owner, his wife and his daughter. It is actually quite popular thus Shourisha usually talks to the customers, some who were dining and dashing, thanks to Shourisha he ran after them and caught them and brought them back. Shourisha is quite useful around the Ramen Stand. He seems to be attracting customers as well some who just liked to look at him working, or having descent conversations with Shourisha or just there for the Ramen. Thanks to Shourisha the Ramen Stand was making a lot more money then before, another reason for why that Shourisha is useful around the shop.


Background: ]Human Life

Shourisha was born in a small village, it was night and a Eclipse was in effect. You could see the other villagers out in their windows of their houses and staring at the Eclipse, it was quiet. The wind wasn't blowing and the animals didn't make any sound it was a wondrous night. People were getting candles to dispose them on the board of their windows to light it, it gave the village a nice little glow. Everyone was happy, Shourisha's mother picked him off his cradle and wrapped his body around a blue blanket revealing only his face and carried him towards the window to watch the Eclipse with the other villagers. Shourisha's father came near them and doing the same thing with the candle as the other villager's have done. Shourisha was getting amused as he watched the flame on the candle dancing around. Eventually Shourisha soon began to sleep around his mother's arms and alongside his father who was smiling at his son. They didn't expect their child to be a boy but they still love him. Shourisha's parents named him Shourisha as he continued to sleep in his mother's arms. A few years passed, Shourisha was helping around the village doing jobs for the villagers, helping out the elderly. He was around 9 years old, his parents still loving him, the villager's liking him as always. He was going to school as any kid would, he did pretty good at school but he wasn't the best. Eventually night fell and he went to bed to sleep. He had a horrible dream, Shourisha was dreaming of the Villager's getting killed, the world growing hungry, people dying from the world around. He was screaming softly in his sleep as he kept on dreaming. Suddenly a man appear in his dream, it looked like himself except a bit older. All the man said was

This world is plagued with evil, you shouldn't suffer with them... little brother.

Shourisha didn't see himself in his dream, it was more like he was watching everything and allowing it to continue. He looked carefully at the man, it was possible that he was his brother seeing as he did quite resemble to himself but he just though that it is just a dream and nothing more. Suddenly the man talked once more

Don't think of this as a dream, I am giving you this vision, now... you should probably wake up to see what the world really looks like.

The man said that and then he laughed, then everything in Shourisha's dream went black. Then Shourisha heard that man's voice once more

I am Vaash... your older brother. Seek for me when you desire power in the afterlife

Then suddenly Shourisha woke up, he saw himself lying under the bed. He was about to get out of being under his bed but then the door opened violently and he heard footsteps. They sounded heavier then his father or of his mother so he did not dare go out until he was reassured that it was his parents. The footsteps grew louder as they came closer to the bed that Shourisha was hiding under and he could see that they were leather shoes with a symbol on them, a water drop colored in red.

"Should we search the place?"

The voice sounded like a man, so Shourisha though that it was a man. He appeared to be asking his question to his other accomplice.

"Nah, we were given order's not to search, destroy this place so there's no point"

That voice appeared to be a woman, she had the same brand of shoes as the guy. Bandits?! Shourisha thought to himself, he didn't thought that the day they would attack the village would come. And so the two bandits left Shourisha's house and left the door opened. They appeared to be in a rush for something. Shourisha slowly and cautious got out from underneath the bed and the slowly looked out the window slightly, he saw house's on fire, others running about with the same brand of shoes. Shourisha slowly walked to the door and opened it slowly, but as he opened it, it made a creaking sound. He hoped that none of the bandits heard that sound or it will lead them right to himself. He stayed there for a few more seconds looking from left and right and of course above seeing as there is a hill a bandit might be scouting there.

When he thought it was alright to leave, he went on ahead. He left the door and went for the hill, it didn't appear that a bandit would be there so he thought it would've been alright. He made it unto the top of the hill without getting seen, heard maybe. But what he saw was terrifying, at the town center was a pile of corpses from the villagers, some villager's heads were put on the tip of spears and they were all burning. He started to weep as he saw that his entire village is destroyed, nothing is left besides himself. He couldn't hold back the urge to scream why so he screamed


He screamed it loud, he didn't care if the bandits found him or not, he has no life anymore. Everything he loved, knew was completely destroyed. The bandits heard his scream and looked around them, they saw a figure in the dark on top of the hill and so they rushed after there. They found Shourisha, sitting and crying like if it was the end of everything, because it was for him.

"Are you Shourisha Rosuto?"

A large male bandit that walked slowly over to him from the the thousands of bandits there, it seemed to be like he was the leader of all of this.

Y... Yea...

Shourisha said as he wiped his tears away from his shirt by the sleeve, he doesn't know why he answered them. He wanted to move his legs but something disallowed him to move. He was gonna say something but he still couldn't move, Shourisha didn't like this, he couldn't do anything he wanted to do. The bandit leader came closer to him and slowly grabbed him violently, Shourisha fainted. After several hours, Shourisha awoken and he found himself in a cell. It was a regular cell, just like those movies where the heroes got captured and imprisoned in a prison. Grey brick walls, darkish~Grey bars that stopped him from getting out. Eventually a few bandits came in to check on him, one left him alone while the others stopped to watch him, the bandit that left came back and was followed by the leader of the bandits. The leader of the bandits came close to Shourisha, who was quite near the cage and asked him

"What do you know of Rosuto, Vaash"

He awaits for you in the village you destroyed, on the hill you found me

Shourisha told the bandit leader, but he was surprised. He doesn't know that man, all he knew was that he was his brother but that's about it and nothing more. His mouth just spoke those words on its own, Shourisha has no clue how he gained this information or why he said it. The bandit leader sighed and went out of the cell and the other bandits followed leaving Shourisha alone in his cell. Shourisha awaited in his cell, not knowing how to escape and not bothering to care about it, suddenly the bricks in the back wall started to open, Shourisha was surprised by this and looked over there. He heard the same voice in his dream

Little brother, you'll stay here for a few years if you wish to live...

Then the bricks started to close themselves up once again, Shourisha not being able to do much agreed with his brother and he stayed there waiting for time to fly by until he contacts with him again. A few years passed, Shourisha was of the age of 13 he was getting intelligent but he kept on getting more beat up and tortured by the bandits who were mad at him for telling them that Vaash was on the hill of his village when he wasn't there at all. Shourisha didn't care, he just kept on getting a bunch of scars, sometimes to be played in deadly games. On a night where he thought he wouldn't able to go on no more the bricks in the back of his cell opened up once more and left it open to allow Shourisha to get out. He was outside of the bandit's what seemed to be a fortress, he was content. The fresh air that he can enjoy in peace instead of fighting wild animals, the flowers that he didn't see for years. The years of being there, fighting for survival made him gain a descent amount of Reaitsu.

He was content that he gout out of the fortress, he was ready to leave from this god forsaken place until he remembered. The other prisoners. He stood there hesitating to leave, thinking that the other prisoners would continue this cruel life they had, he had to help them. He went back to the fortress, making as little sound as he can and to be as careful as he could be. He found a white colored blade katana and picked it up and studied it. It seemed to be good at swinging fast and not to shatter easily this was a good weapon for Shourisha to use. He went back to the area of where his cell was, he made a few sounds but nothing too big to cause suspicion. He saw a bandit there, around his neck was the key, seemingly the key to open all the other cells.

Shourisha charged boldly in front of the Bandit, the Bandit being surprised fell down to the ground. Petrified by his fear of getting killed, unable to scream for the terror he felt. Shourisha rose his katana he found above his head and positioned it into a slashing position. He was about to strike the bandit who seemed to be crying over his fear of getting killed. He can't do it, he can't kill him. No matter how the Bandit treated Shourisha these past years he just couldn't kill him. Nobody has the right to kill anyone, no matter what they've done in the past. Shourisha hit the bandits neck by the hilt of his katana, weak enough not to break his neck but strong enough to knock him out. Shourisha took the keys that were hanging around the neck of the bandit and opened up each cell in a rush. All the people he freed were so grateful and happy, Shourisha liked this. He then rushed out of there himself while leading the other prisoners out and avoiding all the other bandits.

He traveled back to his hometown, to delete every trace of information that had ever concerned him. He could start over, start over a life that he never experienced. He traveled from town to town to find a good town that he might like, and so eventually he found Karakura Town. He knew nobody there and nobody knew him Shourisha just wandered the entire town until nightfall, most people looked at him thinking he is a orphan and giving him food and a bit of money to help him out. Some called the orphanage to take care of him and the people that were in charge of the orphanage did found him a lot of times but Shourisha kept on escaping from their grasp. days passed by Shourisha worked to keep himself in school, to buy food and anything else he might've needed. He gets jobs from the citenzens of Karakura and help them and often get payed, everybody likes Shourisha. They all wonder what happened to him in the past and often asks him a lot of questions, but he never answers so they've stopped. The orphanage people stopped chasing him seeing as it is completely useless, he lives in a house by himself and often lets people stay there when they want and plays with the children when he has the time.

[center]Spirit Life

One day he just happened to die, apparently by some disease that he got infected by. Nobody saw him die, so there was no worries over what happened to him and he lived on as a soul. People wondered where Karakura's favorite person went. Did he leave? they all wondered that but Shourisha watched over them making sure no harm would come to him. He doesn't care if he was a spirit to wander the world forever, he just wanted everybody to be happy. He socialized with other spirits and help them through what happened to them and also protected them from Hollows and he also protected the Hollows. Sure the Hollows were all about killing but Shourisha can't see that killing them would be alright. As he kept on protecting the souls from Hollows, he often got the Hollows claws plunged into his chest and he got even more scars from that but he didn't care. One day he was fighting a bunch of Hollows, he couldn't keep up with them. He fell from all the exhaustion that he felt and the wounds that he received, he was eaten by the Hollows and turned into a Hollow himself.

Hollow Life

Shourisha couldn't control what he wanted to do, he had such blood lust all the time. He ate on spirits he fought to protect and also he ate other Hollows. He had such incredible speed and strength that most of the Hollows couldn't understand how he killed them so fast. He grew stronger with every passing day, and as every day passed he had eaten more spirits and hollows. Eventually he began to be known as the "Death Bringer Hollow". His name reached the ears of Soul Society and had a bounty on his head. Shinigami tried to get him, some died, some escaped. Eventually he grew so strong that lieutenants of the divisions had a lot of trouble with him and captains were after him. He couldn't beat the Captains that chased after him, he felt their Reaitsu and escaped from them and continued to grow stronger as he lived. And soon enough, Captains got him and purified his soul, he was sent to Rukongai. However due to the huge amount of Hollows that he had eaten, one remained within him and it stayed within him for years to regain some power to one day fight against Shourisha for his body. (Gonna rp my way to Hollowzation and all later)

Rukongai Life

Shourisha was sent to Rukongai, he was in a peaceful district of Rukongai. He often managed to stay alive by working to get some food, and even helped others to some food. The others learned to like him as well, they all felt save when Shourisha was with them. Shourisha started manipulating his Reaitsu into a Ball of energy and many people saw that. Most were impressed but it didn't seem to surprise them. They talked that he may get into the academy and become one of the greatest shinigami that ever existed. Even the lower districts followed Shourisha method of being nice to everyone, everything was peaceful. Shourisha was accepted into the academy and left Rukongai, Rukongai slowly turned back to the way it used to be as if Shourisha was never there.

Academy Life

It took only a few years for Shourisha to pass the Academy then the usual 7 years spent there. He was using his head and relied on his intelligence as he wasn't all that fit for physical prowess. But he still managed to succeed in fights fairly well whenever he got lucky. It was thanks to the Hollow within him, as it gave him a slight boost in his Reaitsu and his Human Years surviving against the bandits.
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well now that is impressive i can't say enoght of how well this was put together. very nice detail. good job, aprroved

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eh for me it's WAY to detailed

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