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Only One Person Will Walk Out Of The Graveyard Of Bodies............Will It Be You Or Will You Die?
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 Resurrection Template

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Sin Shira
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Sin Shira

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Resurrection Template Empty
PostSubject: Resurrection Template   Resurrection Template Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 7:44 am

Name: (The Spanish name of your Resurrection. Please post the English translation.)

Represent: (what does your Resurrection represent, is it a animal, insect perhaps a flower or anything else)

Command: (The command to activate the Resurrection.)

Owner: (Your character's name.)

Element: (choose 1 only ) water/ice,earth,fire/flame,wind,dark,gravity,lightning/electricity..etc

S Description (S is short for Sealed. Tell us how your Resurrection looks like when it is sealed)

R Description: (R is short for Released. Tell us how your Resurrection looks like when it is released)

Description: (What your character looks like when he/she has release his/her's Resurrection.)

Ultimate Power: (The ultimate power an Espada can use once every 10 posts. ESPADA ONLY!)


1-50 posts: 2 techniques
51-100 posts: 4 techniques
101-150 posts: 5 techniques
151-200 posts: 6 techniques
201-300 posts: 8 techniques
301-400 posts: 9 techniques
401-500 posts: 10 techniques
501-600 posts: 11 techniques

and so on
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Resurrection Template
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